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Road of success

(I wrote this article in french in februry 2011 about one of the greatest experiences in my life, hope you will like it and I am waiting you comments )  discover a great video at the end of the article .

My name is ALAOUI Ismail, I am 22 years old, from fez, I have a bachelor degree in management and I am writing this article in order to share with you one of the greatest experiences in my life .

This experience started by the end of my training period in a company in Fez, at this moment I wondered If I will continue my studies or I will start looking for a job .

Indeed, I was in need to find someone capable to direct me to the right path.

Once I was in front of my PC navigating in the large world of internet (a treasure which everyone has at home, this element has the possibility to enrich or to Impoverish people, in terms of information and knowledge)

By chance, I found an announcement of a foundation which offer a free training to unemployed youth graduates.

After doing some researches about the foundation and its training, I said: finally I found the training that will give me the opportunity to improve my skills and to realize my goals.

The training that I chose is called "workplace success", it is 72 hours full of exercises, role plays, simulations and video interviews, without hesitation I sent my CV with enthusiasm and hope.
Some days have passed and I received an email from the foundation asked me to come in a week at the headquarters of the institution in the economic capital for an interview.

The big day came, I was very excited, before entering to the interview, a group of young people caught my attention, young people like me who have a huge willpower to succeed.

The project manager who made for us the group interview was very nice and he reassured us that there are no losers as this training because it will be organized frequently; young people who will be admitted will receive a response within one week.

During this week of waiting, I plunged into the world of reading (a world that I love, a world full of books of all kinds, writers and characters) of personal development books, novels and newspapers until the moment I received the email of my acceptance for training starting in a few days.

During the first day of training, the responsible of the foundation told us that we are not students but participants, so we have the right to ask questions, to speak, to express freely our opinion also we can make presentations.

During the two weeks that lasted our training, we had the chance to meet kind and very experienced teachers and coaches, they shared with us their knowledge and experiences, adding to that a very important thing: they listened to us, they always gave us the possibility to express our ideas and thoughts (something we have not used in other trainings).

These teachers have really helped, encouraged, motivated us , we knew that we can not live without a purpose in life , in fact everyone must know what he wants, we must set our own personal and professional goals also we have to determine the steps to achieve them, Moreover we must assess our strengths, skills and attitudes in order to realize our goals, finally we must have a positive attitude ,Thomas Jefferson said : “Nothing can stop the man with the right attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

In fact I have never seen a training as exciting as this one, really a cross-training and purely practical.

This experience allowed me to meet young people from various cities of Morocco, a dozen young people who have become my dear friends, theses young people who have the desire, hope, skills, young people who want to succeed and seek the right opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

I remember those unforgettable moments we spent together, when we animated and discussed various topics, when we ate the couscous together, when we celebrated our last day of training, I was very happy to have met these young people of my country, this country that we will continue to be its main resources.

The training was completed ,I left my colleagues with a little bit of sadness but it is normal, now everyone has to determine his purpose and path.

I take into consideration the valuable advice of supervisors, I opted for the use and study at a time, I went to Rabat, the capital of Morocco , the green city that I love a lot to continue my studies in master of management and business strategies in evening classes, during the day, I work in a center of coaching.

In addition, almost every Saturday I go back to the house young of youth (maison des jeunes Zerktouni) in Casablanca (It is the place where we had training) to help other young people in their studies.

Thanks to this training by the EFE (education for employment) Foundation, I could trace my path to success not only in my professional life but in my personnel life too, at the end I want to share with you a proverb that one of my dear friend said during the training: my body is a garden and the EFE is the gardener.

I hope this article will be a recognition to the best foundation in the world.

Ismail Alaoui BENNESSER, 22 years-old (February 24th, 2011 RABAT)

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